NEW Keplens Broker

Keplens Broker

Keplens are pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of Broker, the easy way to manage any finance brokerage business.

Incorporating all the best features of the previous version including task management and industry specific work flow, Broker now gives your business the opportunity to store more vital information and to make it available at a glance.  Together with comprehensive reporting and data export facilities, Broker makes your data work for you at many levels.

Capture all your client details

Broker - Client Information

Our enhanced task management system means you never forget to follow up on that important document or conversation.

Broker - Client Information

Generate and track proposals to multiple funders.

Broker - Client Information

Available for single or network users, Broker is equally valuable for the independent agent or the busy brokerage house.

With Broker, every deal, whether accepted or declined can generate income for your business.

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